Kitchen Design Co. Testimonials

Judy designed a beautiful kitchen for us. She was full of great ideas and was there during the whole process, design to installation! She was also helpful with other design ideas in other areas of our home. Thanks Judy, we love our kitchen!

Leslie Corsiatto

Judy, I cant thank you enough for the great job you did for me in restoring & replacing my kitchen & bathroom cupboards. You did everything you promised & all in the time you you predicted. GREAT JOB. I would recommend you to anyone.   Joan

Joan Rundle
Judy has an excellent eye for working an awkward layout into her design ideas. When we enlarged our kitchen space, we were left with a ceiling beam above the refrigerator. We were stumped with what to do with it. She suggested a “faux” cabinet front with a box shelf which incorporated the beam seamlessly. It looked great and even looked like it was designed to be there! Since completing our renovations, we’ve received many compliments on our kitchen. Great job, Judy!
Agnes Kee

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Judy! She helped me to renovate both my bathrooms. She came up with suggestions that no one else had thought of. She took the time to get to know me so that she would understand what I wanted. I am thrilled with the finished product. My kitchen will be next and I will absolutely have Judy design it for me. She is a very personable lady and fun to work with.

Margaret Leck

Judy, I cant thank you enough for the great job you did for me in restoring & replacing my kitchen & bathroom cupboards. You did everything you promised & all in the time you you predicted. GREAT JOB. I would recommend you to anyone.   Joan

Joan Rundle

Judy redesigned our home office, including a built in desk, cupboards and filing cabinet.She did an excellent job and we were able to sell the office furniture as the new desk was all along one wall with space for a small fridge. The streamlined design sure did open up having a spare room that we furnished with  sofa bed and table instead of a cluttered office.

Previously Judy totally redesigned our kitchen/dining area and we were certainly totally happy with the results. Once again, very streamlined with lots o open space around a large island. Friends and family that visit cannot believe the transformation from old to brand new. This is why we didn’t even consider an other contractor/ designer when we decided to redo the office. Absolutely excellent work – Thanks Judy


We moved into a renovated condo and although the kitchen was done, there was some unused space. Judy removed 1 cabinet and added 3 in a coordinating door and finish. This completed the kitchen providing much needed storage and making it aesthetically more appealing.

Dominique Allaire

I had a white kitchen with flat doors, and really no wow factor. I called Judy Johannson, whom I have used before a couple a years ago. She helped me come up with a vision that would make my kitchen have the wow factor I wanted. Judy also came up with an awesome idea for a space in my bathroom where cabinets would fit since I needed a linen closet on my lower level. I highly recommend Judy! She has great ideas while meeting my needs and wants. LOVE LOVE LOVE my new look in my kitchen and also LOVE my beautiful bathroom. High quality without breaking the bank! Drab to Fab is the how much I love it!! Great job, Thank-you Judy

Laurie Jenner

Judy’s ability to “think outside the box” helped me make the most out of the small space I had to convert into a laundry room. She has a great knowledge of current trends to improve marketability, and, following her recommendations, I was able to stay within my budget as we worked to improve the overall look of my kitchen. I wouldn’t hesitate to call on her again and would highly recommend her to anyone considering a house renovation project.

Lady T

Renovating a kitchen is so much more than new cabinets and counters. It needs someone to work with that will take the time to get to know your personality and preferences. Judy is an expert in this and her vision and creativity was invaluable when I was floundering with so many choices! She was always available to work through the little glitches and keep me sane!

I love my new kitchen and will recommend New Look Interiors to anyone I know who wants a kitchen reno. Thanks Judy for all the little extras.

Jean Amatt

Amazing experience working with Judy on our brand new house. Judy not only designed the cabinets for our entire home she also went above and beyond helping with plumbing fixtures, counter tops, and much more. Her advice and knowledge was very helpful. Judy was able to take our ideas and bring them to life.

We are very happy with our finished product and the post install service. I would highly recommend Judy.

Govind Saran